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Guide Books about the City of York

Reflections of York by Colin Nutt. A blend of history, reflection and inspiration. As well as text and photographs relating to the 'bricks and mortar' of the place in question, the book is complemented by information about and quotes from people connected with York.
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Yorkshire: York and the East Riding by Nikolaus Pevsner. A classic guide to all the main buildings in York and the surrounding area. Invaluable if you are interested in historic architecture
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York Pocket Guide by Ian Sampson and Colin Baxter. Convenient format, inexpensive - perhaps a little limited in scope.
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Insight Compact Guide: York - not bad. One of a worldwide guide book series
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York Minster - by Ann Willey. This is a must if you are visiting this historic church. If your time is short, this book will help you to focus on the essentials. The Minster is vast!
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Yorkies Today - by Anne Fisher. Yes, that's us - 'Yorkies'. Find out what makes us tick!

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Maps (only available from

Outdoor Leisure Maps from the Ordnance Survey - scale 1:25,000. Ideal for walking & cycling - and for filling in details when you're driving...

Outdoor Leisure Map 002: Yorkshire Dales - Southern & Western Areas
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Outdoor Leisure Map 030: Yorkshire Dales - Northern & Central Areas
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Other good Yorkshire books (outside York)

Best Walks in Yorkshire by Richard Sale. Well some of the best walks!
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Beverley E Yorks a pleasant guide to this delightful market town.
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Collins Cycling Guide: Cycling in the Yorkshire Dales - can't comment.. we're not into cycling!
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Favourite Yorkshire Recipes - by J Salmon. Go on - try some!
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James Herriot's Yorkshire Revisited - a popular guide to this part of Yorkshire where the famous vet lived (he of "All Creatures Great and Small" fame).
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North York Moors Walks - by B Conduit. A good walking guide to this wild area. Walks of all lengths to suit everyone.
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On Foot in the North York Moors - by Alan Hall. More up to date than Conduit's book - but not so much changes on the Moors! Some overlap between the books, but both are worth having.
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On Foot in the Yorkshire Dales - by Roland Smith & John Clear. Does for the Dales area to the East of York what Alan Hall's book does for the Northern moorland area.
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Where to Watch Birds in Yorkshire (Including the Former North Humberside) - by John Mather. If you want to watch birds in Yorkshire, this is the book!
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