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We're only too willing to help you with a personal answer to your question if we can. But, please, check out the various sections of our website before you put your question.

In particular, check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" section here. Chances are that your question will be answered here. The FAQ section is based on replies that we have given to the thousands of "Ask About York" questions we've answered over the last few years.

If you need some information about York which isn't on this web site we'll try to answer it personally. If the information is on this web site - or on one of the sites linked to it - we may not be very patient! Remember, we are not a tourism organisation, but we've been around the York area for many years, and we've got a lot of contacts and a lot of local information. Also, being a marketing consultancy, we're not too bad about finding out information!

Please note that we can not provide information about accommodation.

We'd also appreciate a 'thank-you' email if we've been able to help you. Some folks do, some don't. Be one of the polite ones, please!

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