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Tourist information - a personal note from Ian Traynor

Ian TraynorI've been fortunate enough to live and work in York for many years. This website is my way of putting something back into the community.

Every year millions of people visit our beautiful city. Visitors come from all parts of our planet, particularly from North America, Japan, Australasia and Europe - and also from other parts of Britain.

Despite the natural tendency of York folk to grumble about visitors (and a few years ago, some were seen wearing badges saying "I'm not a visitor - I live here"), you will usually get the normal warm Yorkshire welcome from York folk!

You will not find everything you want on this - or any other - Web site, but I hope that the information will add to your enjoyment of your visit to York. For planning your visit, our Travel, Addresses and Accommodation pages are useful starting points. You can't stay in York without being captivated by the history of the place. The History page gives some idea of the varied past of our City, whilst the Historic Buildings page highlights some of our many splendid buildings. We're not short of Museums, either! Neither are we short of ghosts! A number of Ghost Walks are regularly held in the City Centre. Want a scare? Check out The Original Ghost Walk Web Site.

It's not hard to spend money in York! Look at the Shopping page for ideas on where to buy what, whilst your evening entertainment guide is in our What's On section.

The countryside around York - within an hour's drive in any direction - is some of the most beautiful and striking in Europe (I nearly said 'the world' but modesty overcame me!). Have a look at the Countryside page for ideas on where to go outside York. When not imprisoned in my office, I like the outdoor life. If you're interested in birds and wildlife have a look at a couple of local web sites - York Ornithological Club and the York RSPB Members Group

Assuming that you're not going to be browsing the Internet from your laptop whilst sightseeing, you will no doubt need a few guidebooks and maps. In our Bookshop, you will find a handpicked selection of these, which you can buy online through our association with Amazon Books. Have a browse around the virtual shelves

If I can help you by answering your individual questions, I will do - just Ask Us! and fill in the form. But remember, we're not a tourist organisation. I just have the good fortune to live and work here



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