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York's tourist industry

This report has been provided by the Economic Development Unit of the City of York Council


Key statistics of York tourism

  • 3.84 million visitors a year
  • 247 million spent in York each year (1997 estim.)
  • 9,070 jobs in York created by tourism
  • 7,500 bedspaces
  • 55.8% bed occupancy 1997, 65.4% room occupancy
  • Tourist Information Centre visitors, 1997:
    • De Grey Rooms: 288,368
    • Station TIC: 270,452
  • Visitor Characteristics:
    • Largest representation in the 35-54 age-groups and in the ABC1 age-groups
    • 36% of visitors are from overseas (around half of these from North America)
    • 54% of visitors are staying overnight
    • 74% of visitors in the latest survey have been to York before - a strong showing for repeat business and up from 58% last year
  • Travel to York:
    • Car 67%
    • Train 17%
    • Regular Bus 4%
    • Coach tour 12%


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